The Azure Skyline

I fell in love with the deepest of your insecurities.

The warmth of your hug caused the explosion of my demise.

Your soft lips against mine? Mostly the retraction of a key to a prison sentence…

a moment describing an eternity.


Our eyes met for the last time. The shades of the forest floors with specs of moss covering groves of pines, cedar, and oaks were graced with an azure skyline, an eternity that never met the coastline.

Oh they met? everlasting erosion of timeless years of minute decisions within hours

The waves of this hurricane are my tears-

The thunder my screaming voice-

The winds are my gasping breath.


Labored hands caress the wheat blonde plains.  My callouses worn down without hesitation. They were found again gripping the cell door;

my lips.


A hoarse voice barely capable of a murmur….

I wish you the best.




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