Jet lag

Yesterday I arrived at Hub New Lisbon. I had to wait till three in the afternoon so I decided to stroll around the area, my first stop was the Lisbon Geological Museum. After seeing a number of million year old fossils, minerals, and artifacts, I decided to return to the Hostel. On arrival I had three hours to wait….I sat down on the sofa across from the Portuguese news network playing on the pull-down projector screen.

Then it hit me like a thousand pound anvil. My god was I tired. So tired I woke up on the couch after a three hour nap surrounded by boisterous German men and other nationalities… Music thumping in the background. It was definitely German trap music. although I don’t speak German….There was mention of fat asses and fast cars. I got up off the couch after the worlds best nap and got my room key, took a shower, then decided to lay down for a nap before I went to dinner….

I woke up 12 hours later. Jet Lag you win. backroad of lisbon

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