Madrid, Spain

On entering Spain there was something about the allure of the cities lights… Little did I know that this was nothing more than one of the most corrupt countries to date with an even darker past. The heart of the city consists of 7 roads that all lead to same point- Madrid. When the mind wanders these streets we notice one thing… The towering steeples with Catholic crosses looking down on all its people. Within these walls the Spanish inquisition occurred twice lasting 400 years. The main goal was to deter Heresy and petty sin. One was guilty till proven innocent. At the end of its rain 6,000 people were burned alive within Plaza Manor. The cleansing of those who worshiped false gods within the Jewish, Muslim, and Protestant faiths. This consisted of their souls being  cleansed by almighty God. Behind every religious quest are two things that matter. Those two things are money and power. We can not judge these actions….The history of the U.S is laced with political and religious corruption. At most what happens in the Untied States could be considered child’s play to the Spanish.

there is a light powdered coat of snow on the ground on entering Spain. I was half asleep on a train when I was woken by an irritated ticket counter. He was frustrated because he wanted me off his train.. this was supposed to be my stop. I could see his furrowing brows in the poorly lit walkway as I pull my tickets out of my backpack. I had two different seats in the same coach. In broken English he told me “This is your stop. Get off train.” I told him “Flip the page. My seat is 5C.” Angrily he turned the page; he rattled off in Spanish and pointed at my seat with a sneer. The two little girls and their mother sitting to my right were quietly smirking. This moment was one of my favorite moments of the trip… It has so much to say about my own personal discovery. Regardless of all of the situations I endure, I somehow manage to get through them. This was no where near my biggest lesson… It was me favorite so far.

I’m roughly 5,500 miles from my home…and I feel just as welcomed by the road. I miss my friends and family…The lifestyle of traveling is a lonely one because the more I am away the more I develop my sense of self separate from my immediate friends and family… This is only the beginning. This combined with fire season I’ve spent more than 6 month away from home besides coming back to rest.

remaining wall of the spanish colonyRemaining original wall of the Spanish kingdom. The city grew to large to keep the rest of the walls so they were destroyed. This was kept as a monument. The take away? Never fear outgrowing our preconceived limits. We can, in fact, simply destroy them when we need more space.



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